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Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counseling. Most enter the field from a variety of disciplines, including biology, genetics, nursing, psychology, public health, and social work.

Genetic counselors work as members of a health care team, providing information and support to families who have members with birth defects or genetic disorders and to families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions. They identify families at risk, investigate the problem present in the family, interpret information about the disorder, analyze inheritance patterns and risks of recurrence and review available options with the family.

Genetic counselors also provide supportive counseling to families, serve as patient advocates and refer individuals and families to community or state support services. They serve as educators and resource people for other health care professionals and for the general public.

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Personalized Care for Your Genetic Health

Directory developed to assist patients, healthcare providers and genetic counselors in accessing genetic counseling services


Insurance Information

Find out if your insurance covers genetic counseling


Verify Status of Individual License

In MA, Genetic Counselors require licensure. View statuses of individual licenses and any disciplinary action at no cost.