Genetic Testing Voucher Program

Our Genetic Testing Program was created to assist patients who have health insurance, but cannot afford the co-pay or out of pocket costs for testing hereditary cancer. This program may help you pay for your test(s).

You could be eligible if:

  • You are a Massachusetts Resident.
  • You have health insurance (including Medicaid & Medicare and other state or federal programs).
  • You have a household income below 400% of the federal poverty level. (
  • You have a referral or doctor order for a genetic test. Your healthcare provider or genetic counselor will know if you meet the medical criteria for the test(s).
  • IMPORTANT: You must submit your application for funding prior to sending your blood sample to the lab.

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How much will I have to pay for my test?

The Cancer Resource Foundation, Inc. (CRF) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity that receives funding from many sources. Our goal is to help as many people as possible. We review each application on a first-come first-served basis. The cost for each test varies. The “out of pocket” costs vary as well. We can provide a genetic testing voucher to qualified individuals. The voucher is valid for tests and labs identified in our system. Once you receive a voucher, you will not be billed for any portion of the test(s) you have been approved for. The lab will work with your insurance company to insure that your share of costs are covered 100%.

Complete your application today.

Are you a Genetic Counselor or Healthcare Provider in Massachusetts that wants to help your patients?

Are you a Genetic Counselor or Healthcare Provider that wants to help your patients?

Register today

If you are a Healthcare Provider or Genetic Counselor YOU MUST REGISTER on 1SourceApp BEFORE starting an application for your patient.

You ONLY register ONCE.

To Register

STEP 1. Go to and click “Get Started”

STEP 2. Select Healthcare Provider/Genetic Counselor and click the “Get Started” orange box

STEP 3. Complete user agreement

STEP 4. Complete your information and create a unique username & password to access the in the future. (Notifications are provided by email)

STEP 5. Complete information related to your practice and certification. It should take approximately 5 minutes


YOU are now Registered! (Save your username and password in a safe place. You will need it to access 1SourceApp to check the status of applications or complete an application on behalf of a patient.)

To Apply

STEP 1. Select “Begin Application” (You will first be required to “Search for an application ” to determine whether the applicant exists in the system)

STEP 2. Select the service (Genetic Testing) and the specific test(s) the patient needs

STEP 3. Complete “consent to share information”

STEP 4. Complete patient information

Required Patient Information:

  • Demographic information: Name, date of birth, address, phone & email
  • Diagnosis/Medical condition
  • Insurance information – copy of card must be faxed or scanned
  • Income information – income verification form(s) must be faxed or scanned into the application

STEP 5. Complete patient medical condition/diagnosis (search and select) [prevention codes listed

when applicable]

STEP 6. Select the Laboratory where the patient sample will be sent

STEP 7. Complete verification statements


Application status will be sent by email as soon as application has been reviewed.